Compensation plan allows you to earn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever enrolling a single person!

Stiforp Home Business & Pay Plan.

Stiforps Pay Plan

Stiforp have really thought through the compensation plan. To really excel above other mlm platforms, Stiforp had to see where others were going wrong in the first place. They started looking at the pay plan as a major problem with so many platforms is that not everybody makes money and this had to be different with Stiforp.

First of all lets look at the structure of the downline and then a run down of the different commission streams rolled into this.

Stiforp use a 2x14 forced matrix. This is very powerful structure as it forces people below. A good example for this is everybody gets just 2 front line and any more spill under those two giving each person still only two front line. If I just started and I got 6 people in straight away, people 1 & 2 would be on my frontline, then numbers 3 & 4 would drop in under 1 & 2, and then numbers 5 & 6 would also drop in under 1 & 2. This means numbers 1 & 2 have already got two people in their frontline from me.

A 2x14 forced matrix with the right pay plan is very powerful!


Lets look at what commissions can be made with Stiforp

Stiforp have multiple commission streams, one of them being you get paid $4 just for joining from members in the powerline.

Stiforp also pay a great fast start bonus for every refferal you bring in who upgrades as a paying member. They pay $25 per person and give you this commission the following week. This is the fast start commission so that you can earn quick money, this is a very important factor of Stiforps pay plan.

Stiforp also give you a 50% matching team bonus. For example, those 6 I got into the business, if each of them were earning say $800 a month from the matrix downline, I would get an extra $400 bonus on each of them on top of my commissions. This is very powerful and a great reason you should reffer people in yourself and not wait for spill over.

Stiforp also have the 2x14 matrix commission I talked of earlier. They can pay you down to 14 levels, a full matrix can earn you just over $8000. The matrix is the monthly residual commission along with the 50% matching bonus.

Stiforp also have a star ranking system. Based on your activity and team growth you can climb star ranks to gain further bonus's.

All in all, Stiforp have the ultimate pay plan with multiple commission streams, all you have to do is work the business by sharing the product and opportunity with others.


Stiforps Pay Plan

As you can see Stiforp have built their commission structure around a fantastic pay plan with huge rewards. No combine this with the BEST STIFORP TEAM Rotator for signups and you have an extremely powerful tool to give you financial security for life.


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